Flexi-mat 16" - The most customizable seat cushion 

Flexi-Mat is a comfortable and adjustable seat cushion to fit your individual needs of your bottom. It provides immediately relief to sharp pain and tenderness for your backside problems.

1. 16" x 16" nylon base mat with velcro tape
2. 10" x 16" adjustable main cushion x 1
3.  6" x 4" adjustable small cushions x 2
4.  6" x 3" adjustable small cushions x 2
5.  6" x 2" adjustable small cushion x 1

There are total 6 individual cushions combined as one Flexi-mat


The Base Mat
It is made of waterproof 100% PVC coated canvas fabric with sewed velcro types on the mat surface. 

The Cushion Covers
The cushion's covers are made with soft and smooth polyester velvet fabric. It is detachable for cleaning purpose. 

The Padding
The cushion's padding is made of high quality memory foam with high resilience. Making it very durable and long lasting.


  • It is suitable for Office Workers, Drivers or Wheelchair Users. Flexi-Mat adds comfort to any seat seat, helping to prevent pain and numbness. It is easy to grab and store with the portable carrier comes with our Flexi-Mat.
  • It is made of high-quality memory foam with high resilience to prevent soreness to your backside. Effectively relieving pressure, giving comfortable support while sitting down for a long period of time.
  • The adjustable pads could immediately relief sharp pain and tenderness in the backside by detaching any of the small cushions from the Flexi Mat.
  • Persistent usage of Flexi-Mat can lead to faster healing on painful areas, especially for hemorrhoid and pressure ulcers patients. Recovery rate depends on individuals.

Flexi-mat 16" - Coral

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  • 16" x 16"