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The Most Customizable Seat Cushion Ever

Say hello to the Flexi-mat!

Flexi-Mat is a comfortable and adjustable seat cushion to fit your individual needs of your bottom. 

It provides immediate relief to sharp pain and tenderness for your backside problems.


Persistent usage of Flexi-Mat can lead to faster healing on painful areas, especially for hemorrhoid and pressure ulcers patients. Recovery rate depends on individuals.

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Pain Relief

To immediately relief sharp pain and tenderness in the backside, you can detach any of the smaller cushions from the Flexi-Mat


Super Comfortable

Flexi-Mat is made of high-quality memory foam with high resilience. Effectively relieving pressure, giving comfortable support while sitting down for a long period of time. 

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Pressure Ulcers / Hemorrhoids Patients 

It is customizable to create gaps to provide a stress-free environment. Enable faster healing of Pressure Ulcers or Hemorrhoids.


Flexible Combination

All the smaller cushions are detachable, creating a combination of different shapes which is tailored to your exact needs!


Perfect for
wheelchair users.


I drive every day!

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